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Actually Cleaning Some Things up

While it may not be noticeable, I’ve actively been back at work cleaning up quite a bit of the content appearing on the KICKRSS user pages. There were a lot ( like in the thousands) of accounts that were not currently active. There were also quite a few accounts that were putting a serious strain on the server. On top of that, there were accounts that were linking to inappropriate content, which led to a ban on one of the sites sources of revenue. Was definitely time to clean up the database.

I have been running some queries, and pulling dead RSS feeds from the daily polling of new content. I’ve also been browsing through user accounts to see if there’s any obvious abuse going on. Would love to keep the RSS feed service available for those that are using it, as long as the service doesn’t get abused. If that becomes the case again, I may just pull the plug on the current site, and relaunch something entirely different.

So don’t expect anything too extraordinary taking place over the next month, but hopefully the regular cleaning activity is going to get me motivated to reestablish the site as an active member of the RSS feed community.


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Happy 2011 and Changes Coming

It’s too bad KickRSS has been neglected so long. The site once was a great tool for organizing RSS Feeds. I’ve been way to busy to keep up on activity and unfortunately I discovered lots of feeds no longer displayed, or worse, displayed material that could get the site banned in search engines. I’m on the path towards cleaning up accounts. Non actives will be first to delete. I may not allow for new accounts to be created at this time, as I decide what the future of will be. If you have suggestions, happy to hear them.

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Happy 2009 from KickRSS!

Happy New Year folks! We are still here just been too busy to update the log in way too long. KickRSS runs automated and few users have complained so we’ve just been keeping the lights on and letting peeps do their thing.

Many good things for you in 2009!

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Lessons I’ve Learned About Birthdays

Mike Dorauschby Michael Dorausch

Some things I’ve learned and was reminded of in the past few days…

Generally, people love birthdays, and rightfully so. There are few things better than being able to give well wishes to someone you appreciate, love, admire, share friendship with, or whatever. Ever notice in restaurants that when someone has a birthday, even strangers at neighboring tables want to participate? Think about it, it’s really very cool that we direct positive energy to apparently total strangers in celebrating their date of birth.

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to wish an influential individual in my life, Danny Sullivan, a happy birthday. I had been thinking about his birthday for a couple of weeks simply because I recently discovered we were born about a month apart (I bet Danny watched Gilligan’s Island too). After exploring several ideas, last week I created this birthday card, which included avatar images of many people that know Danny, and participate in a community, I’ve greatly been benefiting from being a part of.

Party of ONE Was this a marketing effort? Was this some method I came up with to get a popular post on Sphinn? No, can’t say I had any brilliant strategy planned. When I first arrived at Sphinn, I had my “ME” hat on, and nobody appeared to care. Turns out that was a good thing.

Glue can be damn sticky: Stubborn as I am, I hung around and began reading posts submitted by community members such as Lee Odden, Andy Beard, and Tamar Weinberg (there were many others). Well, as the saying goes, stick your hand in a pot of glue, and the glue tends to stick. Stick your head in a website featuring content from some of the worlds top SEOs, and the ideas stick.

Wanna Party? As the weeks went on I became more active in the community and found myself commenting on posts, submitting posts, authoring Sphinn related posts, linking to authors, commenting on other blogs, and having a significantly enjoyable time. Others noticed this and as a result began commenting back, visiting my websites, emailing, messaging, and linking to topics I authored on various websites. Imagine that?!

Friends make parties fun! I submitted the birthday card on a Sunday (Dannys birthday was later that week) in hopes that it may make the homepage by Monday. Sphinn had recently upped the trigger on getting posts popular and I honestly didn’t think it would go far. The Sphinn community took over from there and taught me a thing or two (thank you).

Lesson 1: Community is a powerful thing, the web is more fun when shared with friends

Lesson 2: Breath, stop trying so hard, participate with your head & heart

Lesson 3: The answers are often already there…

Holy Moly, I’ve been wishing people happy birthday (in my brick & morter world) nearly everyday for the past decade. Turns out the same principles apply online.

The practice of birthday boards and birthday cards have been successful in small businesses for decades, but can any of these ideas apply to the world of blogging?

Maybe not in the same way but I did get some ideas that can be useful if you are an SEO and want to contribute positively in your community. Now, some people want to keep info private, so if there are no public profiles of birthday information, it may not be a good idea to out them on your blog. I mean, I’m not going to seek out FaceBook info on Lisa Barone and risk her writing a pudding like article about me.

That being said, I noticed some other influential people in my web life had birthdays in September. How difficult would it be for me to use my blog and say Happy Birthday to Vanessa Fox sometime this month? Vanessa has the best “About Page” I’ve seen in a blog and she’s taught me a few things about improving my sites. To that I say thank you and… Happy Birthday Vanessa!

The day before I joined Sphinn I authored an article about Yellow Page Directories and I mentioned that a company called Marchex was doing an incredible job in the area of SEO. Only today I discovered that Matt McGee was the SEO Manager at Marchex (what a coincidence).

Matt has been incredibly helpful to me in the Sphinn community and guess what else? Matt’s birthday is in September! Does not take much effort for me to say thank you and… Happy Birthday Matt!

Many Thanks: I have a number of people to say thank you to for helping in various ways. I’ll be finding an avenue to show my appreciation but thanks for being a part of this all.

Some people I had wanted to give props to include:

Rhea Drysdale: who gave me the willies when I saw her “over the cliff photo.”
Chris Winfield: a helpful search marketer in New York.
Bill Hartzer: Bill just updated his blog, looks great!
David Wallace: over at SearchRank Blog.
Shana Albert: who manages a number of websites related to Home Preschool.
Jill Whalen: Jill is the CEO of
Mark Laymon: I’ve been closely following Marks advice to Become a Power User of Sphinn in 5 Steps.
Andy Beard: Gotta get some WordPress SEO going as this blog is long overdue for an update.

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Happy 42nd Birthday Danny Sullivan

Mike Dorausch

Monday, September 24, 2007
Happy 42nd Birthday Danny Sullivan!

Many of the gang from Sphinn are here to celebrate your 42nd birthday. We are all wishing you the very best on this day. Check out all the familiar faces and avatars on the card below. Some of us have been stalking you!

happy birthday Danny Sullivan
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Danny, happy birthday to you!

I tried to get everyone I could on the card, apologies for those I may have missed.

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Sphinn Head to Head Battle Rages on!

Michael DorauschHey there Sphinn fans,

If you went to bed early Friday night, the night of September 21, you missed out on what was likely the first Sphinn-To-Sphinn, Head-To-Head, Post-To-Post event of the year.

I know you’re probably bummed out because you either went out partying with friends, went to bed, spent time with family, or did some other non-Sphinn related activity. Not to worry, because I’ve got your back with play-by-play action of what had to have been the biggest Sphinn event of the evening!

The Playing Field: The Submit Section on the Sphinn web site.

The Players: AndyBeard & dsemmler

From the .EU, the Big A, Sphinns one and only Andy Beard. The Niche Marketing master holds a strong position with a current Topics Submitted score of: 24. Not only that, AndyBeard is a Top 10 ranked SphinnMaster who commands an early adopter Joined Date of: 2007-07-19.

From somewhere in the U. S., the proud daddy, the newcomer underdog, Derek Semmler, Sphinn aka dsemmler, with a Joined Date of: 2007-09-04. The newcomer had a Topics Submitted score of: 1, making him truly the unfavored contender.

The Target: a post authored by Marty Weintraub on his aimClear Blog titled: The Enduring Power of Good Manners

Both players were visiting Marty’s blog the evening of September 21. In what was likely the scenario, both Andy and Derek had virtual light bulbs go off in their heads, thinking this was Sphinn Worthy content. The race was on!

They both hit the Sphinn submit page at approximately the same time, even though they were each physically on different continents. Each were unaware of the other’s actions, making the event even more exciting.

AndyBeard, the seasoned veteran went straight for the submit button, and made no deviations from Marty’s original headlines. His description was typed out with lightning speed, and it read… It seems like Marty is a gentleman

No need for spellcheck, Andy went straight for the submit button, SPHUNN! Andy was on the “What’s New” board with a score of one. As fate would have it, I was on that very page in search of something fresh, and there was Andy’s post. The familiar “A” had me instantly, I was certain this would be a topic worthy of a vote. My index finger poised, I moved in to read the post.

But wait, who is that man in the dark sunglasses? It was a post appearing just above Andy’s with a “Jump to” on the same story URL. I just had to check it out. Turns out it was the same post, by the same author, Marty! The newcomer wanted to make a splash with his first submission to Sphinn. In doing so, he got creative and summarized the entire post in a single sentence, which became his title. He followed that with a few descriptive sentences and double checked to make sure “Marty Weintraub” was spelled properly. Imagine making your first post, and dissing a top 50 Sphinner? Had he misspelled it, the result could have been disastrous (the thrill of victory – the agony of defeat).

Semmler carefully checked his title and description in the spellchecker, and when he was fully confident, clicked on the submit button. SPHUNN! Like AndyBeard, Semmler now had a score of one. You were likely asleep, but it was a Sphinntastic moment! In Los Angeles, it was nearly 2 minutes to midnight (rain was pouring down for the first time in months), there were 2 Sphinners, 2 Submissions, and the posts hit the “What’s New” page only 2 Minutes Apart!

Wow, was anyone else aware of this? This was truly a Sphinn Live event. In WWE smackdown fashion, I decided to comment and call the newcomer out. Andy had sphunn the Sphinn button first! The sunglass wearing dsemmler wielded his mouse and was quick to respond in a truly gentleman fashion, claiming he was checking to ensure Marty’s name was spelled correctly, hence the two minute gap.

I thought it might end there, but in from Texas came flyingrose, the goddess of PPC, taking a referee stance, and showing interest on the event continuing. And continue it did! Throughout the night and all across the globe, at least two dozen fellow sphinners came on the scenes and got clicking. Morning came, and I awoke to a Sphinn homepage on my screen. I quickly hit the F5 key on my keyboard. It was Sphinnalicious! Both submissions had gone hot and Marty was getting double barrel Sphinn juice!

In my 31 days of Sphinning, I’d seen nothing like this before. The submitters chose different titles, different descriptions, different categories, and the rest was up to us, the Sphinn community, to make the stories hot. For those of you wanting details, here are some of the stats from the time I grabbed them…

Three Hidden Treasures of Social Media – Thank You, Please and Congratulations
Went Hot: September 22, 2007 – 5:44 am
Posted By: dsemmler 12 hours ago
Topic Type: News Story
Category: Networking

The Enduring Power of Good Manners
Went Hot: September 22, 2007 – 4:57 am
Posted By: AndyBeard 12 hours ago
Topic Type: News Story
Category: Other Social Media

While its winding down, the race is still on, and there is no winner yet. The moral of the story here is that some topics are not only Sphinn worthy, they are double barrel, double bandwidth, Sphinn worthy!

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